Our commitment to your child's health

Accidents and incidents

Our educators organise both the indoor and outdoor environment to promote safety and allow for maximum supervision, in order to prevent any accidents to children and staff.

In the case of an accident involving your child whilst at the centre, staff will immediately administer First Aid. If the injury requires further medical treatment, you will be contacted and a plan of action organised.

If a parent or emergency contact cannot be reached, the Centre Manager/person in charge will act on behalf of the parent and proceed with whatever medical treatment is required. An Educator known to the child will accompany the child to the Doctor/Hospital and stay with them until the parent arrives. Documentation of the accident will be made on an Incident Report Form.


To minimise the spread of infection in our centres, children suffering from certain infections are excluded from attending child care depending on the infection.

The exclusion periods are displayed in the parent information area. If a child in care has a suspected infectious condition the parents will be contacted and asked to collect the child as soon as possible. Parents are encouraged to seek medical advice and contact the centre to inform them of the outcome.

Children with a suspected infectious condition must produce a medical certificate before the child returns to care. The centre will inform all families of any infectious outbreaks and post signs which include symptoms and exclusion time from the centre.

The Authorised Director will not accept a child into care if they are not well enough to participate in normal activities, or require special attention because of ill health.

In the case where a child has a high fever, staff are only able to administer Children’s Panadol where the parent’s permission has been obtained on the enrolment form. Parents will be informed of this and documentation will be kept on file.


Immunisation is not compulsory, however, it is important that parents and team members encourage immunisation. Parents must supply up to date immunisation records to the centre. Any child who has not been fully immunised may be excluded from care in the event of a breakout of a vaccine preventable disease for the duration of the outbreak. They may also not be eligible for Child Care Benefit.


If your child requires medication whilst at care, a medication form must be filled in by a parent. The medication must be accompanied by a prescription label or doctors letter which states who the medication is for and the dosage. Medication must be handed to a staff member and will be stored in a locked cupboard. Under no circumstances is any type of medication to be left in children’s bags.