Our philosophy

At Pelicans Early Learning Centres, our guiding principal is that all children deserve to be happy, healthy and confident. As such, we are committed to providing a premium service that encompasses high quality care, a progressive early education programme, plus specifically tailored extra-curricular activities aimed at developing the natural talents, skills and passion within every child.

Our goals

Our goal for every Pelicans child is that they are:

  • Cared for in a happy and healthy environment, by highly qualified staff, who recognise their unique talents and requirements.
  • Enabled to learn at their own pace and style, thanks to educators who successfully integrate individual needs into the daily program.
  • Supported through gentle and reassuring daily routines that remain flexible enough to accommodate differing needs and growing levels of independence.
  • Safe within a nurturing, home-like environment that supports their developing self-confidence and innate desire to discover and explore.

Our goals for our families:

  • To provide comprehensive support to families through the provision of high quality care, resources and education.
  • To involve parents in decision making about centre policy development, staffing, and general centre management to as great a degree as possible.
  • To provide services to families with different economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, preventing segregation on the basis of any of these factors, and always respecting the individual rights of all families.
  • To support regulations governing children’s services.

Our goals for our staff:

  • To promote ongoing training and professional enrichment to all staff with opportunities for career advancement wherever possible.
  • To provide secure, supported employment through sound industrial rights, conditions and personal practices.

Our goals for our community

  • To welcome representatives from local interest groups, sporting teams and essential services into our centre so that our children can actively develop a sense of connection, understanding and belonging to their wider community.
  • To be recognised within our local community as a centre of excellence in childcare and early education, supporting the needs of families and working parents in our area.
  • To liaise with Federal, State and Local Government regarding funding, licensing, guidelines and the responsibilities of Child Care providers.