Parent participation

We encourage parents to actively participate in the care of their children through involvement in decision making with regard to their child’s care and education.

Parents are welcome to spend time in the centre and share special occasions with their child. You can become involved by joining the parent committee, fundraising committee or helping out in the centres daily routine. Please speak with your child’s teacher for more information.

Parent grievances 

Our staff are here to ensure that your child is happy and healthy in their care. If there is a problem that arises that you feel you need to resolve with our staff, then please let us know.

Our grievance policy is displayed in the centre foyer, however if you do have a grievance, the first point of contact should be the Educator in charge of your child’s room. They will work with you to resolve the problem.

If you feel that further resolution is required, then please speak to the Centre Manager of the centre who will work with you and the Educator to resolve the problem.

If failing this and you are not satisfied with the outcome, please contact the Operations Manager for the centre. You can obtain these contact details from your centre.

All grievances will be taken seriously and our best effort will always be forth coming. All outcomes will be discussed with the parent who is concerned.

Behaviour management

Children are encouraged to develop social skills that will allow them to resolve conflicts and meet their needs without the use of aggressive or destructive behaviours. Children are encouraged to respect themselves and others. When team members guide a child’s behaviour they should aim to provide the child with clear guidelines as to why a particular behaviour is unacceptable. Children are to be given realistic limits to follow while they are in care.