Priority of access

One of the main reasons the Australian Government funds child care is to meet the child care needs of Australian families.

However, the demand for child care sometimes exceeds supply in some areas. When this occurs, it is important for services to allocate places to those families with the greatest need for child care support.

To ensure that the centre adheres to the guidelines issued by the Australian Government, priority of access to child care will be given according to children falling in the following categories:


A child at risk of abuse or neglect


A child of a single parent who satisfies, or of parents who both satisfy, the work/training/study test under section 14 of the New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999


Any other child

In relation to priority 3, there are some circumstances in which a child who is already in a child care service may be requested to give up their place or change days at the service in order for the service to provide a place for a higher priority child, but only if:

  • The parent is notified of this policy upon enrolments


  • The service gives that parents 14 days notice of the requirement for their child to give up their place or change days.

Within the main categories, priority is also given to children in:

  • Families with low incomes
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families
  • Parents or children with disabilities
  • Families from non-English speaking background
  • Single parent families
  • Socially isolated families

For more information on our Centre policies please speak with your Centre Manager.