Settling in

Our first priority is that your child enjoys a seamless transition from home-life into our centre. In order to achieve this, we tailor our “settling in program” according to your child’s individual needs so that we may provide them with a consistent routine and high level of care.

Our educators play an active role in this process, by gathering information from you ahead of time so that we are fully prepared to meet any special requirements or expectations that you and your child may have.

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by a primary educator, who will assist in settling your child. They will also help alleviate any feelings of uncertainty or anxiety that may arise.

In addition, we have developed a BUDDY SYSTEM, whereby new children are paired with a child who shares similar interests or traits. This is a great way to develop friendships and to help each new child feel instantly connected with their peer group.

We understand that the initial separation period can be equally unsettling for parents, and so we encourage you to spend time with your child so that you both feel relaxed and comfortable within our centre. You are more then welcome to phone us during the day to check on your child’s progress, and we will contact you directly if any issues arise.