Your child’s “Learning Journey”

Evaluating your child’s progress

Our highly qualified educators are constantly assessing the development of each child, by monitoring their level of engagement in various activities, as well as discovering their particular areas of knowledge and interest.

This ongoing assessment enables us to provide your child with appropriate activities and experiences so that they may continue to develop and expand their knowledge and skills within a positive and fully supported learning environment.

Your child’s “Learning Journey” will serve as a comprehensive portfolio that clearly illustrates their experiences and progress throughout the year. Our Educators personally compile each child’s Learning Journey by including photos and anecdotes along with actual examples of your child’s art and activities.

What do we do if a problem arises?

Children at times run into a roadblock or two. This is where communication is vital to solving these problems. When a parent has a concern, the first person to talk to is always the teacher. This is a matter of protocol and a company policy called “The Grievance Policy”, as well as courtesy. In almost all cases parents and educators can find a solution together.

If, for some reason, parents and educators are not able to resolve the problem, it may be helpful to have a joint meeting with the Centre Manager and maybe even the Operations Manager. However such action is not always necessary, especially if parents and educators are committed to working together.

When good things happen?

Tell us! Compliments reinforce the good things that are happening in the child’s life, either at home or, at the centre. Keeping in touch and working together is the best way to ensure a high quality education for our children, and to help ensure their success not only in the centre and the early years, but also in life.


Dress your child in play clothes that wash easily, so that your child may enjoy all the activities. In choosing what your child should wear to the centre, please consider the following:

  • Your child will be working with messy materials such as paint, glue, water and sand so must be able to stand a little wear and tear.
  • Clothing must provide some protection and be comfortable for both indoor and out door experiences.
  • They will be climbing, running, jumping and swinging so they will need clothes that neither restrict their activity nor reduce their safety (e.g. Slippery shoes, long skirts)
  • Will need clothes which allow them for growing independence i.e. pants that can come off easily for toileting.
  • Please name all clothing and footwear.