Pelicans Childcare Centres are a family owned and operated service.  We are the parents of young children as well, and so we understand how important it is that their first independent steps are taken within a happy, safe and loving environment.

We are passionate about creating the very best care and early learning services in Australia, and this commitment to excellence is reflected in the personal and professional dedication of our team.

Oxanda Education Owner/Operator

Pelicans Childcare Centres are owned and operated by Oxanda Education – a family business established by first cousins, Adrian Fonseca and Darren Misquitta.

Our vision is that Pelicans centres are a safe, fun and nurturing ‘2nd home’ for your children, where they enjoy first class facilities, an exciting and progressive early learning curriculum and a loving environment.
— Oxanda Education

Amanda Judd
Nth QLD’s Leading Regional Manager

Rosina O’Brien
Victoria’s Leading Regional Manager